What we do,
Plain and Simple.

We serve the freshest seafood available coupled with other mouthwatering original dishes, in our distinctively warm and cosy restaurant.

Our goal, day in and day out, is to consistently delight and surprise those who visit not only with the quality of food but our much-talked-about friendly service.  When you come back we’ll do it all over again and again!

Carl Chapman

Head Chef


Faith Hans

Restaurant Manager

Faith is passionate, consistent, dependable and accurate in carrying out responsibilities. Her strong personal commitment equips her to effectively develop organizational capabilities and integration of objectives.  Faith is extremely resourceful and enthusiastic, excels in effective human relations built on mutual respect, trust, honesty and integrity. Having extensive work experience globally with the added benefit of working with one of Jason Atherton's Restaurants as well as an Outlet in Marriott's Luxury Properties in the Middle East.

Her experience and commitment have without a doubt increased Faith's ability to achieve the highest standard of work excellence.

This made her a valuable asset to the overall vision to FatFish